Legends Makarov

Legends Makarov

Caliber  4,5 mm (.177) BB

Power Source   12 g CO2 capsule

Magazine capacity          20 shot(s)

Savety  manual

Sights    not adjustable

Max. energy      approx. 3,0 Joule(s)

Length  162 mm

Barrel length     90 mm

Weight 352 g

Velocity               118 m/s

Trigger  Double Action

The semi-automatic Makarov, named after its designer, was introduced into the armed forces of the former Soviet Union in 1951. Later a number of countries in the Warsaw Pact adopted this model as an ordinance pistol for police and miliary use.

Like the original, this CO2 model has a single and double action system. It has all the operating elements and a movable slide. All the important parts of this sturdily built CO2 pistol are made entirely of metal: frame, slide and exterior operating elements.

€71,90 (excl.)


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Kaliber4.5 mm