8 Shot Gallerry . tri spinner

8 Shot Gallerry . tri spinner

8 Shot gallery + tri spinner 

Shoot gallery targets down and shoot them back up thru the holes. + Big Spinner . No reset required. SAFE.

Challenging and Fun !! Targets range in size from 14mm square to 40mm round.

So many targets on the market have 4 targets all the same size ... whats the point of that ??

This Target has 8 totally different sized targets to challenge and make you a better shot !!

Plus  a BIG dynamically balanced spinner target that just keeps on spinning when hit.

Its great for speed training ! ...Hit it and your a excellent shot  ... but can you hit it spinning?

Are you good enough to keep it spinning by shooting it 3 times on the trot? It almost takes off !!

Together they make this a great..all in one combo target, with differentiation for various skill levels.

€41,32 (excl.)