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TP Vision is committed to a sustainable future. Therefore we do business as a responsible corporate citizen. We apply a set of General Business Principles with strict guidelines on integrity and ethics. We expect that all our employees, suppliers and other business partners do fully live up to these principles.

Innovation and technology

In order to realize TP Vision’s mission to develop and manufacture a range of high quality, superior products and services for consumer and B2B television markets, TP Vision has set up innovation sites in Europe and India, and is closely cooperating with the R&D sites of its TPV parent in China. Its strong emphasis in R&D allows the company to keep up with the fast-changing technological needs. Its Innovation Site Europe (ISE) has a strong focus on innovative technologies and processes, covering all relevant domains of television such as broadcast, connectivity, displays, audio and video processing, Ambilight, power, styling and design, coupled with great attention to sustainability via innovative power and materials solutions. In each of these domains, the ISE has a long track record and expertise and is continuously improving that knowledge based on the strengthening of its own capabilities and on R&D projects in collaboration with research institutes and universities.

TP Vision

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